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Day 6

Disney day 5

Ok so today was a magic kingdom morning, we arrived at about 9am & spotted some of the keys to the kingdom tours uhhh were dying to do this but it’s always booked out😓

We had breakfast in the hotel , mickey waffles as always 🙌🏻😍 so delicious I just loved them , we’re staying in all star movies & absolutely loved it here. We stayed 4 nights in love bug & had a refurbished room & it was so lovely. It’s about a 3 min walk to the food court & buses so handy & close to the pool , would definitely recommend. We didn’t have the dining plan so paid for everything with our post office card which was amazing. We did buy a resort mug $18 & free refills the entire stay which was great , even just for waters.

Once we got into MK we went to meet Mickey & Minnie together in there celebration outfits, so so cute waiting about 20mins but the line moved pretty fast so all good. Then headed up Main Street no better feeling in the world then turning the corner & seeing the castle 😭😭 honestly I let out a squeal every single time , it’s just so beautiful!!! We watching the trolley car performance on Main Street, it’s so cute & really great way to start the day . Then the street dance party with the fab 5 , we loved that to.

We had an early fastpass for haunted mansion ,one of our favourite happy haunts🎃

Then needed some energy so hit up Starbucks & grabbed some snacks, mickey donut & cinnamon rolls soooo delicious!!! The donut would definitely feed like 4 people it’s massive!!

I could hear Elsa singing let it go so ran to the castle stage to catch some of the friendship show,definitely worth watching all your favourite princesses & Olaf of course ekkk.

We hit up the launching pad to try the space ranger slushy, it’s super sour but I loved it , Paul not so much & spotted

buzz so went for a meet & greet. Definitely an amazing interaction from him, he loved my Villians t shirt & had a full blown convo about it (though hand signs 🤣🤣)

Off to the people mover, not my favourite ride but I mean there was no line & it’s nice to sit down for a few minutes 🤣😍 you get a nice view of the castle to , it did break down for a few minutes but got moving again in no time.

Winnie the Pooh was 15 min wait time so we went on that, it’s just ok . I wasn’t a big fan of it but still so cute. We then bumped into the ugly stepsisters behind the castle at about 2.35pm but they were leaving & being replaced by fairy godmother which was such a magical interaction omg . I was bounding as Cinderella & she was obsessed 😍😍🏰🏰 it was the sweetest thing I just loved her. She’s there’s at 3pm on Fridays not sure what other days but definitely then.

Lunch time so we hit up Columbia harbour house our favourite 😍😍 lobster roll as always for me & prawn skewers for Paul both amazing & you can substitute those chips which are actually crisps for fries just ask at the register.

I’m alway hungry so I got a raspberry & pineapple swirl from aloha isle my favourite again Super tart/ sour but it’s soooooo gooooddd , definitely try it.

It was Mickeys not so scary Halloween party so we left to go to animal kingdom as MK was closing, only a 15 min wait for Everest so went on that & left my brand new jack skellington ears behind 🤭but with a little magic a cost member found them in the ride car pocket woohooo . Then had a little boogie in Africa before going on FOP, we had fast passes 😍🤭🤭 I know crazy right , it was amazing as always!!

The had a fast pass for rivers of light so went to that. Ok so unpopular opinion but I didn’t like it 😓😓 definitely could have skipped it & not missed anything I feel , much prefer fantastic . I just feel the projection on the water isn’t clear at all & not done to the same standards as happily ever after or fantastmic so a bit disappointed but hey we’ll get over it.

Now something I did love was the tree of life projection OMG 😍😍🥰 it’s insane !! It’s fine so beautifully & tells the story of the lion king!!

One of the best things I’ve seen in Disney for sure we loved it.

It’s every 10 minutes or so once it gets dark in the park so no set time but you’ll see people standing waiting for it. Definitely take time to see it.

We left AK after it to head back to the resort to collect our luggage as we were going back to international drive that night. We got a Lyft & we’re back on I drove around 10pm & just chilled in our room😴😴😍😍 such a lovely Disney day 🙌🏻🙌🏻

My vlog is live of this day to

https://youtu.be/ajqSuludphE 😍😍

Chat soon

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