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Day 5

Disney day 4

Off to a galaxy far far away ✨✨✨✨

Ok so today was definitely one of our favourite days , for sure Pauls favourite!!.

We started at 7am , EEMH in Hollywood studios, we went on tower of terror (my favourite ride in HS) then toy story mania & slinky dog dash 🙌🏻🥰.

With EEMH you can definitely go on these several times in the morning as the crowds are sooo low 🙌🏻😍 definitely worth even stay 1 or 2 nights in a Disney resort just for this bonus feature! We stayed 4 nights & have to say loved every minute of it 🥰🥰

Onto galaxys edge black spire outpost in Batuu , personally I wasn’t a Star Wars fan(even after a certain someone made me watch all 10 movies just before we went 😌) but seeing & experiencing all it has to offer , I’m definitely a changed woman 🤣✨

Our first reservation was at 10.20am in the droid depot to build our own droid. We were doing both the droid & lightsaber experience so I said we’ll do 1 each obviously Paul went for the saber😝😝

I got to choose my own droid (I think is better anyways) so the experience is $100 & you get to keep the droid of course 🙌🏻😍 let me tell you they are pretty amazing, definitely didn’t think they would be as great as they are.

So you start off by picking all your parts & colours & then move to the build station we’re a cast member is on hand if needed 🙌🏻

It did take me a few try’s to build it but I got it done 🤣🤣🙌🏻 I went for classic bb8 but you ca build any colour & also an R2 unit & can even buy personality chips 😍

The whole experience took about 30-40 mins & off we went with our BB unit , they interact around batuu so keep them out of the box , you have to carry them , they are not allowed on the ground .

We headed to the docking bay for some brunch 🤣 skipped breakfast that morning with all the rushing . We both had the yip tip salad which was actually amazing 😍😍 seriously try if your there !! Few greens to make myself feel better to, far too many Mickey waffles 😓😓🤭

Our lightsaber experience was at 2.20 but you can check if your reservation can be changed to an earlier time at the check in desk so luckily we got an earlier one woohoo ✨✨🙌🏻

Time to build a lightsaber, this was Pauls favourite thing by far ! He loved every minute of the build & I must say it was pretty amazing! Star Wars fans will definitely appreciate it 🙌🏻 it costs $200 a little pricey but there’s no where else in the world to experience something like that so I mean it’s worth it 😍

We got a green milk(blue is better) &took a few pictures with our new Toys around batuu & headed back to the resort for some R&R before fantasmic & the Star Wars fireworks in Hollywood studios that night.

We headed out to fantasmic early as we had fast passes so knew we could head in early , grabbed a few snacks (Mickey bar which I didn’t like 🤭🤭🙈 & Minute Maid frozen lemonade sooo delicious 😍😍) & popcorn refills.

We had amazing seats right in the front in the middle section, we’ve never seen it before so we were super excited!! The show did not disappoint, definitely comparable to happily ever after !! These would be the best evening shows & if you could only do 2 , I would choose those !✨🏰 even the pre entertainment by the crowd was so fun , Mexican wave , slow mo Mexican wave , extra fast waves , so funny .

We headed over to the Chinese theatre straight after fantasmic to get a good spot & there’s also a pre show which goes through the years of animation, it’s so beautiful 😍😍 you get to see all your favourites projected onto the Chinese theatre ❤️🥰definitely worth catching before the fireworks. One thing we loved about the set in HS is the fact no one stands for the fireworks 😍 everyone just sat on the ground & looked up so no blocked views 🙌🏻🙌🏻 it was unreal!! Wish everyone in MK Would adopt this approach so easy to see 🎆🎇 The Star Wars fireworks are amazing 😍🥰 it’s so well done as is everything in Disney 😍 definitely worth seeing !

We headed back to our resort, very tired 💤 & headed straight to bed 💤💤

The vlog of this day is live 📸


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