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Hey guys and welcome back .

I’m on my 2 week countdown to Orlando and I’m so excited I could burst !! If you’ve been before then you’ll understand the excitement & if you haven’t it’s even more exciting ahhh.

Today’s blog post is covering the budgeting aspect of our trip so not really how to keep costs low but what’ve actually budgeted for. Now bare in mind we’re a couple with no children & we both work full time so this is obviously done to exactly fit what we spend & the activities we do so please keep that in mind.

Ok so first things first the flights and accommodation , we booked through Cassidy travel & they are fantastic. We’ve used them for several trips now & couldn’t fault them & this time we’re lucky enough to be working with them ekkkk.

Let me explain, I’ve had a few questions asking how can we afford to go back so soon ( last visit was May) only 4 months ago and the reason is the trip (flights & accommodation) has been gifted . How insanely lucky are we right ?? I literally couldn’t believe it to be honest but it’s a natural fit , we’ve used Cassidy travel before & really felt taken care of so this was a no brainier. Cassidy have partial gifted the trip , so we’ve paid for our own Disney accommodation, our park tickets for both Disney & universal , our Halloween horror night tickets, Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party tickets and all our spending money & transport etc. Cassidy have kindly gifted me the flights and accommodation on international drive and we couldn’t be happier.

Flights & accommodation

We’ve been to Orlando a few times & we usually pay anywhere from €1,200 -€2,000 for flights and accommodation for 2 weeks for both of us so around €600-€1000 each . I think it’s pretty reasonable considering it’s including usually 4 flights and full 2 weeks accommodation & getting to fly with virgin Atlantic( who are the best in my opinion).

Resort fees

We usually stay in The avanti resort on international drive , it’s pretty close to everything really and the icon park is 5 mins walk away which is so handy for dinner & drinks . The only thing to be aware of is the hotel resort fees , usually $14 per night so around $200 for 2 weeks, it covers shuttle buses to parks , WiFi and a few other amenities. To sure to include this in your budget .


After flights & accommodation we usually look at transport, we don’t rent a car because to be honest we’re on holidays & don’t want the hassle of driving plus you’ve to remember parks is usually $25 per day at the theme parks , tolls , fuel & the cost of damages so we just opt to use Uber or lyft.

These 2 apps are widely used in Orlando & are super easy to navigate, we used them pretty much the whole 2 weeks in May & had zero issues. We also used the shuttle buses from our hotel to get to universal studios, just book it the day before and your good to go.

The Uber from the airport (MCO) was around $26 & the same back again, we used the app to get to Walmart $6 so it’s really reasonable in price & you know the price before you confirm the trip which is great . We’ve budgeted around $250 for Uber’s for this trip.

Park tickets

So park tickets are kinda different for everyone depending on how long you go for & how much you expect to fit into the trip. We usually go with the full ultimate ticket which is 2 weeks full access to all the Disney parks & the 3 universal parks. For us it means more freedom to choose what we do each day with zero restrictions. Some tickets are only 3/4 days from first use so can be quite restrictive. Obviously with more freedom comes more cost , our tickets €785 each. This is obviously a big cost you need to consider when booking Orlando as it puts the price quite substantially but all in the name of fun. We usually 5-6 days in Disney & then 5 days in universal so it’s definitely worth the cost for us considering the price of a single day ticket starts at $120 .

This time around there are special extra ticketed events on due to the Halloween season in the parks so we’ve booked tickets to Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party & universals Halloween horror nights ekkkk so excited for these .

The Disney ticket was $99 each and its for 1 night only during the event there are trick or treating stations, Halloween parades & shows , Halloween fireworks & lots of special characters to meet & great & lots of exclusive merchandise to pick up & the most amazing part you can dress up as your favourite character!!… literally like a massive child I’m dying for this. This is our first time going to this event so we’re super duper excited for it as you can tell.

The universal Halloween horror nights event runs from September through to Halloween & the tickets start at $112 per night but the great thing about this event is that they have multi night ticket option. We’ve gone for the rush of fear pass , which entitles you to go every night for the first 3 weeks ahhhh so amazing!!! If you miss out on anything you can just go again another night & the best thing is the price , €115 each for the 3 weeks definitely worth the money for this event if you love all things Halloween like me!!..

We are also doing a special tour this time around The keys to the kingdom tour. This costs $99 each.

This 5-hour walking tour explores the creation and remarkable growth of one of the most beloved parks at Walt Disney World Resort! Explore secret locations you’ve always wondered about and get the inside scoop on some of your favorite attractions.

During your tour:

  • Uncover the hidden secrets of classic attractions at Magic Kingdom park. 
  • Access the famed underground “Utilidor” tunnels that allow people and supplies to travel beneath the park unseen.
  • Discover little-known facts, trivia and other exciting tidbits about the park.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch—included with your tour.
  • Take home an exclusive keepsake!


Another important thing to consider when budgeting is the tips , so depending on the size of your party of people the tipping rate can vary ( bigger party= bigger tip) . The usual rate for good service is 20% of the bill which I think is ok considering people working in the service industry are so poorly paid . We always tip the higher rate & it will usually state the amount on the bill so nothing to worry about. We usually will tip our Uber driver & the hotel cleaning staff . We’ve budgeted around $300 for the whole trip which should be more then enough.


This one again will vary for everyone depending on taste & if you’ve children with you and so on . For ourselves we’ve budgeted $1400 so $100 per day & popped this on our an post currency card to keep it separate from our spending money . This obviously will change day to day depending on where we eat & what we’re actually planning on doing but it’s a good rough estimate to use. Good ways to keep these costs low would be to pick up a refillable cup in universal studios & bring a refillable bottle to Disney as there’s free ice water in all the parks . You can also take packed lunches to all the parks , there’s no food restrictions just make sure there’s no glass bottles & don’t bring cooler boxes as they aren’t allowed. You can pick up all the essentials in Walmart for making & taking your own lunches each day to save some $ as it can be expensive to eat onsite in the parks.

I hope you enjoyed this post & found it helpful in some way guys.

Chat soon

Lorna jane xxx


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