Lip fillers & Botox, The honest truth

Lip fillers & Botox, The honest truth

Hi gals ,

Happy New year , hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas break , I’ve literally eaten myself into oblivion over the past 2 weeks & I’m not even sorry ,I can’t wait to get back into a routine though & to actually know what day it is again .

As some of you may know I’ve recently had lip fillers & Botox treatment in the Anne McDevitt Clinic on Wicklow street Dublin and I wanted to give you my honest opinion of what to expect if you’re thinking of having lip augmentation yourself. Naturally I had so many questions beforehand so I’ll try to answer them all here .

Day 0

On the day of the treatment I was so nervous, anxious, excited , scared and terrified to be truthful about what to expect so all of that is totally normal . Here are my before pictures, I really didn’t like how thin my top lip was and that they were slightly uneven .

I know some of you won’t see this from the pictures but everyone thinks differently of themselves and they were things I wanted to change about myself and as they say each to there own. Dr.Roberto Viel was the plastic surgeon performing the treatment on the day and he went through all my questions and reassured me every step of the way , he’s also on instagram so you can check out his work there.

I wanted a natural look with a little more fullness and wanted to avoid the infamous duck face at all costs and Dr.viel agreed .


The procedure started with numbing cream being applied all over my lips , which is definitely needed , it’s a strange sensation, your lips feel almost swollen as it begins to work which doesn’t take long .

Dr.Viel used juvederm filler approx 1ml which was concentrated more in my top lip which lasts about 6 months and then starts to dissolve so it’s not permanent if you don’t love the results & they can also be dissolved instantly which is reassuring.

Needles & Pain

Personally I didn’t really notice the needle itself actually going into my lips(my eyes were closed) , I was shown the needle & the filler beforehand so no surprises there . Dr.Viel also told me ‘little scratch’ every time he went in with the needle so I didn’t get a surprise which was so helpful. Now what everyone wants to know , does it hurt ??

Honestly, there is pain , it’s a needle & it is going into a sensitive part of your face so no denying it . The pain was completely bearable & no we’re near as bad as I thought . There’s a pinch when the needle pierces your skin but then no pain so overall about 2 mins of mild pain for the whole treatment which lasts about 30 mins total.

After care and results

I was given an ice pack immediately after to help with the swelling which wasn’t bad at all and I had no bruising either which was amazing.

Immediately afterward

I had slight swelling & no bruising at all and went to my Christmas party that evening so there was zero downtime for me .

Overall I was really happy with the results and with the clinic , the staff were amazing and so helpful. You can get in touch with the clinic Here to book . The price ranges from €250 to €499 depending on treatment. I can’t wait to go back already.


As for the Botox treatment that was literally pain free , I actually didn’t realise some parts of my forehead had been injected (crazy huh).

There is no numbing with this treatment and it’s not needed at all , Dr.Viel used an invisible needle , smallest needle available to perform the treatment which causes less /no pain.

Dr.Viel asked me to move my face in certain ways and mapped out the areas to inject. These are my pictures before the treatment .

The treatment lasted about 5 minutes in total with zero down time & no bruising either .

I was so happy with my results, I’ve always been conscious of the lines on my forehead especially because I’m only 27 & feel they aged me so much . The pictures below are before & after of me making the exact same facial expression (crazy I know). I’ve also used no filters at all so you can see clearly the differences in my appearance. I would 100% recommend Anne McDevitt Clinic for any treatments your thinking of . The Botox ranges from €250 to €459 in prices . The result should last 6 months+ .

If you have any questions you can ask me on my Snapchat@penneysnpieces or my Instagram , I’ll be totally honest about the whole experience or you can contact the clinic on their Instagram or Facebook page .

Here’s a little video of the whole treatment with Dr.Roberto Viel .

Hope you enjoyed my review 😘😘❤️

Chat soon

Lorna Jane xoxo



  1. liz
    January 8, 2018 / 6:58 pm

    Bottom lip is so unnatural.but love the forehead.

    • LornaJane
      January 9, 2018 / 12:04 pm

      Thank you , but I actually had very little in my bottom as it was large already so it’s just the natural shape of them

  2. February 24, 2019 / 8:04 am

    Love ❤️ I got my lips done recently and I love them, next on my list is Botox! Also I’ve followed you insta for ages and I never even realized you had these done, just shows how natural looking it is x

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