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Welcome back, today I’ll be answering some questions I’ve gotten about my personal training & nutrition plan I’ve been on for the last 8 weeks . So I popped up a little question box on instagram & had a few questions so hopefully I’ll clear everything up for you here. I thought I’d add in a disclaimer here to because I’m not a healthcare professional, a personal trainer or a nutritionist so please don’t take this as gospel this is just what I’ve done to help loose weight & inches , please seek professional advice & take this as my experience & journey.

What app do I use to track calories?

I use my fitness pal app & I find it amazing for counting calories & tracking your macro nutrients. One of the best features is the scanner so you can literally scan any food/drink label & it will automatically tell you all the calories & macros , couldn’t be easier . I just adjust it for the amount I’m having, so handy. I wouldn’t go by what the app recommendations for calories as it’s usually around 1200 which is really low , I would try out a few online calculators like have a few different ones so check those out but I would highly recommend seeking advice on nutrition from a qualified professional just to be on the safe side.

How many calories am I on ?

Ok so this is personal to me based on my height,weight & current goals which is basically is to drop body fat & about 5kg in weight again these are my goals. My calories per day are 1,600 which is actually really manageable so I’m not on a meal plan really just stick to my calories & fit protein in with each meal . This means I can enjoy foods I love & loose body fat at the same time , I’ve reduced my processed foods & sugar except for protein bars or Coke Zero & the odd treat. I try stick to eating whole foods as much as possible but I do allow for chocolate & treats in my calories as I want it to be maintainable & not restrictive. I kind of eat vegetarian/vegan because I’m not a fan of meat , just my choice, I do enjoy fish & would have a lot of that & try to substitute with Meat alternatives . The nutrition was the biggest hurdle for as I’ve had a terrible relationship with food from an early age . I would make myself sick , I would fast once a week & not eat all day , I would eat an apple over the entire day , I would take cold showers to burn calories,I would over exercise like train 2 hours a day or train without eating, I’ve even fainted twice in the gym so I haven’t had the healthiest relationship with food at all. I’ve pretty much had a eating disorder my entire adult life , there was a time I wouldn’t eat in front of Paul or any strangers because I though I was disgusting & fat, I would workout in my room at night like get out of bed & do sit-ups & everything, it was really unhealthy. For me it was important that I try & repair my relationship with food & not to demolish certain types of food or categorise food as good or bad & just eat what I enjoy eating to fuel my body for training. I think I’ve somewhat achieved it , I don’t binge ever really & I eat food to nourish my body but I don’t think the mentality ever leaves you really so it’s something I will actively have to work on.Again this is my personal plan , please get advice from a professional guys , I can’t stress it enough here.

What do I eat in a day ?


2 poached eggs

1 whole grain bread slice


Or Greek yogurt 125g & 20g granola



Protein bar


Green tea

6 almonds


2 Linda McCartney’s vegetarian sausages

1/2 fulfill protein bar

Mixed salad


100g salmon or 125g of mince

100g potatoes




Mini kinder eggx4

Ok so obviously this changes pretty much every day because who wants to eat the thing everyday right ? I just make sure whatever I’m having fits in my daily calorie allowance & to be honest it’s not that difficult, no counting macros or anything just pop my calories into the app & it’s all good. I used to think nutrition was so complicated like I’m not having enough protein or fat or whatever but now I try to have protein at each meal but if it doesn’t happen it’s not the end of the world I’m still on track for a deficit.

I find when I get home after work I tend to snack uncontrollably for no reason like I’m not hungry so I’ve started to go for a walk straight after work to get out of that bad habit & mindfully make my dinner without snacking. It definitely takes so much self control to be in the kitchen preparing food without eating all round you but once your conscious & mindful of bad habits & triggers you can set things in place to work on that. Think about it you spend an hour or so in the gym but after that you’ve 12 or 13 hours to take ownership of you’re diet & eating habits , to control what does or doesn’t go in your mouth can seriously be difficult at times especially if you’re socialising or have cakes & biscuits at work or in your home . I would say when you’re doing your weekly shop buy yourself some snacks & treats that are low calorie or that you can fit into your daily allowance, I always have mini eggs , salt & vinegar rice cakes , mini popcorn or babybels handy to snack on. If you know you’re going to be out for a meal adjust your calories during the day , reduce them right down & enjoy your meal out without the added guilt .

How much do I weight ?

I’m about 65.4kg & 5’4 ft in Height.

How often do I train?

I do personal training twice a week in Sean Kilroy fitness with Keith & then I try to do at least 3-4 classes on top that , now you don’t have to do all that training but I love it & have way too much energy so I need to put it into something. I’ve also been aiming for a least 10k steps per day so usually go for a walk or run in the evenings. The more you move the better. I’ve linked Keith’s instagram Here so you can message him about personal training & nutrition plans to suit you guys.

How do I avoid binges ?

Ok so this is a difficult one as I’ve had problems with binging my whole adult life so self control isn’t really my strong point but it’s definitely improved. I try to balance out my eating as much as possible if I want to eat something like chocolate or crisps then I’ll have it , I’ll just make sure it fits in my calories so I’m still in a deficit . I’ll save 100-200 calories a day just for popcorn & some chocolate or a protein bar , but I make sure to stop at that because I’d easily eat my whole days worth of calories in chocolate 🙈. Try not to be too restrictive when it comes to your nutrition because it can lead to binges down the line & you’ll soon get sick of just eating veggies & porridge so make room for treats & enjoy the process because it won’t happen over night . It can definitely be frustrating when the scales aren’t moving so make sure to be consistent with your training & nutrition as consistency is key & over eating at weekends can literally undo all your hard work during the week , definitely be patient & honest with yourself. If your secretly eating you’re cheating no one but yourself so be as honest as you can with fitness pal tracker , weigh out all your foods & note it all down , simple things like sauces, butter & juices can tip you over your calories without you even noticing.

Best way to track progress?

Ok so we all know the scales can be the devil especially for us ladies , our periods can cause havoc with the scales & show we’ve gained weight due to water retention & other factors so definitely don’t rely too heavily on the scales. The scales are something I’m trying to become ok with , the number I see still bothers me ,I’m currently 65.4kg so technically have only lost a few pounds since starting in January which let me tell you isn’t easy to take as I’ve been working my ass off , I’ve been aiming for 60kg & with only 4 weeks to go I’m starting to doubt myself but I’ll keep her lit until May & trust the process.

The scales may not have moved much but I have lost inches , 5 inches overall which I’m delighted with & 1.5 inches off my waist so everything is moving in the right direction. So it’s really important to measure yourself , you can grab a fabric measuring tape really easily in a Euro store or deals & measure your waist,hips,thighs,chest & arms , try to do it at the widest points & repeat every month to check out your progress.

I also really recommend taking progress pictures, try to wear the same clothes & take them in the same place as you can really see the difference then, take them every 2 weeks or so to check on your progress.

So so the photo on the left was taken January 2 & the one on the right was taken January 31st

The photo on the left was January 2nd & the one on the right was March 28th

Photo on the left was March 5th & the right was April 2nd.

What do I eat at the weekend?

Ok so pizzas were our thing every weekend literally fully loaded deal from apache pizza every Friday without fail , usually followed by chocolate & crisps & Coke . Since January we’ve had 1 take away which I’m shook over to be honest because we loved them , now we just make our own fake aways & don’t even miss the real thing . We usually make tacos , chilli , cottage pie , pizza wraps & taco fries , all of the above can be made with relatively low calories for example for chips I just cut up a few potatoes & oven bake them with a few sprays of fry lite , totally delicious. The pizza is literally a whole grain wrap with about 30-50g of cheese & maybe some pepperoni or chicken, whatever your taste & the chilli is just 5% fat mince , tin of tomatoes, 1 onion,1 red pepper, a few garlic cloves & heap of spices like paprika,hot chilli,cayenne pepper,cumin & an oxo cube . There simple but delicious & tasty & on plan.

Gym workouts

I’ve had questions about gym routines & basic workouts but I’m reluctant to post these up because I’m not a trainer & don’t want to give out bad advice or anything like that so I’d say join a gym or hire a personal trainer & go from there , try out some classes even to get started or just walk in the evenings or go for a run, whatever suits you guys but just get moving , eat less move more , definitely helps.


Supplements are another touchy subject as everyone has individual needs & maybe be lacking in different areas. I can share what I take but again please please seek advice on this as you don’t want to take a reaction to anything. I take magnesium , so I started taking this years ago as I suffered with cramps in my feet & found this amazing for keeping them at bay , it’s also great for energy & endurance & can help ease bloating. I always take omega fish oils for healthy heart & brain & can also help with anxiety , b complex for energy & digestion & fibre supplements

I drink a lot of water to , about 3-4 litres per day to say hydrated & also for water retention as dehydration can causes you to retain water & can also less to bloating. Another thing I found was that sometimes I would think I’m hungry but I was actually just thirsty so I try to drink water just before a meal to make sure I’m actually hungry & not just thirsty & dehydrated.

Ok so that’s the basics , it’s a lot I know & it’s all very individual to the person but I thought you guys might be interested in how I’ve been getting on with my training & nutrition. I was posting on my stories a lot but I thought most of you guys would be bored so I just popped all the info here 🙌🏻💪🏻🔥. Hopefully you get some good info from my post & again guys it’s not gospel it’s just my experience so don’t just carbon copy me because it won’t work as this is personal to me .

Chat soon

Love Lorna jane xxx


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