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Hi gals , so I undertook a 4 week nutrition plan leading up to my holiday in Lanzarote with Paul from shape up with sharry , I’ll post the link to his website & social media accounts here

Pauls Facebook page

Pauls Instagram

I really wanted to focus on my nutrition because I wanted to drop my body fat percentage as opposed to loosing weight . I really wanted to loose fat off my stomach and legs as I’m really self conscious of those areas.

The diet itself was full of whole foods and was really easy to follow and to prepare .Im literally the fussiest water in the world , but Paul filled my plan with foods I actually like .For example Breakfast was 2 eggs , 2 bacon medallions and mushrooms , full of protein and really satisfying . Now I won’t lie and say it was really easy to stick to the diet plan as I have a really sweet tooth but the diet was flexible , so if I was craving sweets I’d have a fulfil protein bar or an apple to help curb my cravings and I did indulge in junk during the 4 weeks to, sorry Paul.


So being honest with myself during week 1 & 2 I wasn’t completely on plan , I had crisps and chocolate and was craving butter & bread for some reason so random I know . Once I was committed fully and ate the exact measurements the weight and inchs started to drop off as you can see from the measurements.

There was also amazing support and recipes from Pauls Facebook group page Irelands weightloss transformations and from his Snapchat psharry.

Here are my starting measurements weight:63kg , neck:33cm , waist:70cm , thigh : 54cm , chest :85cm , hips:99cm
After week 1 weight:61.9kg , neck:32cm , waist:67cm , thigh : 54cm , chest :85cm , hips:99cm

After week 2 :weight:61.8kg , neck:30.4cm , waist:66cm , thigh : 52cm , chest :83cm , hips:99cm

After week 3: weight:60.3kg , neck:30cm , waist:66cm , thigh : 52cm , chest :80cm , hips:96cm

I was only able to complete 3 weeks because I left on holidays at the beginning of the fourth week but I still lost 3kg , 3cm off my neck , 4cm off my waist and  2 cm off my thighs.

I really enjoyed learning about nutrition and trust me I had a lots of questions for Paul and he was so patient with me . He gives you the option to change up your meals with  little effort and explains everything in his YouTube tutorials Here.

I was eating pretty clean prior to starting with Paul but I was over eating everyday and especially carbs so with some adjustments he got my nutrition in check and when I was still hungry on the plan he added in extra meals and I still lost weight , so if your looking for kick start to your weightloss or to continue on with your fitness journey , I would really recommend Paul.

I was also training 4-6 days a week with Sean Kilroy fitness doing boxfit, strength and mobility and circuits to help build up muscle.
Check out my progress pictures below.
I hope you enjoyed my weightloss post .
Love lorna jane xoxo


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